Non-Color Photography In The Film Life Is Beautiful

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My photograph chosen for this assignment is of a woman dressed in “old-time” colonial attire. This black and white picture was one I took while on vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia; it represents a documentary photo because of the significance and relevance to the history of colonial Williamsburg and how women back then dressed in their everyday lives. The subject matter of my photograph is of the woman herself; she captures a viewer’s attention because she is the primary subject of interest, and the buildings and houses behind her accentuate the idea of everyday colonial life to add to the photographic effect I wanted to portray. The form and content of this piece came together uniformly in which the photograph is formally organized as a composition overall and it expresses the feeling of colonial life in its content. I chose non-color photography for this photograph because there are less distractions to take away from my subject like there is in some color photography. I also chose to use non-color because it adds to the depth of the photo and presents a varied range of tone and contrast, light and dark areas that give a greater detail to my photo.

The Lumière Brothers were significant to the early production of projected motion pictures and how they impacted cinematographs through using a system that created a
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In this film a father attempts to protect his family from the horrors of WWII. This film caused me to react the way I did because it reveals to an audience how powerful optimism is even if it seems like the darkest of times. It also challenged my understanding of the world by seeing how preserving our own child-like innocence can shelter us from life problems we may encounter, such as war, stress, financial issues, etc. Life is Beautiful is a film that changed my understanding in just simple concept and is beautifully
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