Non Commissioned Officer : The Backbone Of The Army

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Non Commissioned.. Officers are the backbone of the Army. The non commissioned officer 's do countless jobs that are not always acknowledged. A non commissioned officers help soldiers in many ways and sometimes do not ask for acknowledgment they only want to see their soldier strive to success. The influence of disrespecting non commissioned officer’s and the consequences that come from disrespecting a non commissioned officer is something that everyone should have knowledge of. For several reasons a Non Commissioned Officer keeps the moral up and motivate soldiers. They also encourage them to do their best and by showing disrespect to the non commissioned officer, not only lowers moral, it also makes it to where the platoon thinks less of the person and lowers everyone’s expectations for that person. It is also possible that actions from the UCMJ will be taken against the soldier. The UCMJ could cause the soldier to lose rank, lose pay, have to do forty eight days of extra duty, or get discharged depending on how severe the violation is. It could also possibly keep the soldier from advancing or growing as a soldier or leader. It could also keep the soldier from going to schools, warrior leader’s course, or even the promotion board. Disrespecting the non commissioned officer in front of higher ranking chain of command by arguing with him will cause disrespect to that non commissioned officer.
I was always told to treat others the way you want to be treated and if you want to

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