Non Conventional Sources Of Energy Essay

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1. Introduction:- In last 10 years, the Non-Conventional energy source has become essential part of our daily lives. As world is facing problem of energy crunch need of non-conventional energy is arising on daily basis. We all have facing problem of Energy shortage, Light cut off, Load shading need is arising on daily basis. Non-Conventional energy source becoming essential requirement of our day to day work. The energy of a body is its capacity to do work. It is measured the total amount of work that the body can do. There are two types of Energy Sources as Follows, Non-Conventional and Conventional Source:- Non-Conventional source of energy is energy sources obtained from sources that are essentially infinite. Examples of Non-Conventional include wind power, solar power, geothermal energy, tidal power and hydroelectric power. Previously these were Conventional energy source before James Watt invented the steam engine in the eighteenth century. In fact, the New World was explored by man using wind-powered ships only. The non- conventional sources are available free of cost, are pollution-free and inexhaustible. Man has used these sources for many centuries in propelling ships, driving windmills for grinding corn and pumping water, etc. Because of the poor technologies then existing, the cost of harnessing energy from these sources was quite high. Also because of uncertainty of period of availability and the difficulty of transporting this form of energy, to the place of
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