Non-Denomination Essay

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In Him Church Glendale, Arizona Non-Denominational Service Attendance Paper Religion 315 Non-denomination, the not denominational denomination. In the past couple of decades the rise in non-denominational churches has been increasing greatly and are said to be the second largest group of Protestants (Moore, 2011). It is said that most that break off and become apart of this fast growing belief come from a protestant upbringing. The study shows that more people are determining on where to worship by how they like the nursery, if the worship music is good, is it close to home, rather than I am a Catholic I need to go to a Catholic Church. As of 2010, four percent of Americans fall into this non-denominational group (Thumma, 2010).…show more content…
The youth were in a set of classrooms in another building. We finally made our way to the auditorium, and there were many people in what looked like the lunchroom for this high school. All sitting around tables just waiting to go be seated in the main auditorium. The band was still working on the sound details so we were not allowed to be seated yet. The pastors would walk around and welcome everyone. As I was told everyone was wearing just what was comfortable nothing to fancy, that make me feel better. Except for the fact that my younger cousin asked me if I was going skiing after church because I was like one of the few wearing Jeans and a cardigan. After a few more laughs it was time to make our way in and find our seats. For me at my church I have my side and few aisles that I mainly stick to every Sunday, so when we went two rows from the stage I was a little out of my element. As we walked in the lights were dim and the first thing you see is this huge beautiful painting of Jesus. Then you see the monitors on each side of the stage and then the band starts to welcome us. One thing about seating that I thought was different was they had ushers and ropes closing sections off. All the rows in the front had to be filled before the next section was to be opened. Great way to make sure you have everyone close to the front. The band leads us
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