Non-Depletable Energy Resources Essay

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Non-Depletable Energy Resources

Today, much of the world’s energy comes from the processing of fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal. These fossil fuels, however, will not last forever. Fossil fuel supplies are slowly but surely dwindling in numbers and one day we will run out. We need to find different ways to generate energy. Another reason to find different ways to generate energy is that the burning and processing of fossil fuels emit NOx, SOx, CO2, and other particulate matter that is harmful to our environment and our health. Some may argue that nuclear energy power plants is the way that our society should generate energy, however, the nuclear waste it produces and the extreme dangers that exist if a
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These Non-depletable resources have been not only been around for years but the resources needed to use them are renewable and the environmental and social drawbacks related to their use are very minor compared to the other forms of energy generation.

Of all the non-depletable energy resources, I am most interested in Solar Energy. Although it is the newest and least developed non-depletable energy resources, its benefits makes it an energy resource that many people are interested in studying and developing. The concept of solar energy was first studied by 19 year old French expiramental physicist Edmund Becquerel in 1839 so it is a fairly new energy resource. Some pros of using Solar energy are the environmental benefits, high reliability, and low operating costs. Two of the draw backs are low efficiency (9-15%) and High costs; however, as more people start to use solar energy the costs will drop. Solar energy works by converting electromagnetic energy using photovoltaic cells into electricity. Location, time of day, season, and strength of sun are all important factors to solar energy. Today, there are some minor experiments with solar energy and they have all proved to be very efficient with their savings outweighing the costs. For example, there is a house in Massachusetts that uses solar energy.
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