Non Deviant And Conforming Acts

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Starting the day one is born, their life choices and path begin to form through the process of socialization. Beginning with their family, environment, social class, race, and many other factors, ideas and opinions are generated that will affect their future actions. The actions displayed will be judged by the society that surrounds the person and will be generalized as either a conforming or deviant act. When one conforms they are following society’s norms and face little opposition, but when one is deviant, society makes it known that the action is not normal and defies the proper behavior. Through the process of socialization, people learn society’s expectations and norms. To separate deviant and conforming acts, society applies sanctions to actions deemed as deviant. In one’s early childhood, their parents are the main factor of socialization. They apply sanctions or encouragement to actions in order to usually teach one to conform. The influences from other people regarding one’s socialization is referred to as differential association. Differential association continues throughout the education process with influences from teachers and the social institution itself. Rules the education system sets and the ways teachers enforce the rules directly affects one’s ideas of conformity and deviance. Although education is supposed to teach a person knowledge and promote individualism, it also has a hidden curriculum that can socialize a person to act a certain way or follow
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