Non-Disabled Person Video Analysis

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In life there are those people who have their burdens to carry; while some burdens may be heavier or tougher to carry they make the best of it. When someone has to live with a disability it can shape and mold their life, as well as it can have a negative or positive impact on how they view. As for Marvin and Jack, they make the best of life while dealing with their shortcomings; they try to focus on the positive aspects of life. From their determination, we can see that people with disabilities are capable of being contributing members to their families and communities.
Throughout the video you can hear them both mention how they want to do things that non-disabled people do on a daily basis. For example, the goals of working (financial security), have a family, and success, among many other things are goals for them both. As they both pour out their list of desires, it is nothing different of a non-disabled person. From this, we can see they both want what everyone want outs of life, and that is to be see equally, and not as a person with a disability.
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They understand them to be long-term goals because it is something that must be worked towards and it cannot happen in a short period of time. Ultimately, it is important to develop long-term visions or goals for individuals with disabilities because when they come to reach those goals it is a moment of success and joy for them. It lets them know that they can accomplish anything they sat out for as long as they have the proper support. It doesn’t take much to support a person with a disability to achieve his or her dream, but it takes for them to recognize that they can do
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