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As ultra social creatures, human beings tend to have the propensity and desire to help others who are in need. However, there are certain instances where people seem less wiling to help. The question this paper will address is what makes people more willing to help in non-emergency situations as opposed to times of crisis. Why do we experience the phenomenon of the bystander effect during times when help is most needed? The introduction should clearly define the problem or issue at hand, and state the research question. It should also provide a clear statement of purpose, the goals of the paper, and an overview of the structural plan. It starts out broadly and becomes increasingly specific.
Willingness to Help in an Emergency vs. Non-Emergency
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424). Although a few possible reasons for this inhibition are discussed in their research, the most important seems to be the idea that people who are high in masculinity tend to be more concerned about their image and are “concerned with appearing poised at all times” (p. 424). When a situation presents itself and it is not clear whether it is an emergency or not, those who are highly masculine may decide to remain calm and do nothing in order to uphold their image, according to Tice & Baumeister, p. 424). Secondly, being an individual member of a larger crowd has been shown to inhibit helping behavior. Levine (1999) discuses this “audience inhibition and diffusion of responsibility” (p. 1135) in his analysis of bystander nonintervention. In three separate experiments by Latane and Darley (1969) these effects were demonstrated and it was determined that “[p]eople are less likely to take a socially responsible action if other people are present than if they are alone (p.259). They further state that due to the different types of situations tested that the same process must occur in real life as well (p.
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