Non Financial Performance : Human Talent

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Non-financial Performance Human Talent: The Company is involved in regular training and capability building in order to have competent workforce who can offer their maximum support for attainment of desired outcomes. In addition, P&G involves proper leadership development and offering its experienced employee with an opportunity of succession planning that in return leads to high employee preservation at the enterprise11. Apart from these, varied pension plans; post-employment benefits and additional benefits such as health care are offered to the workforce. However, the overall employee in P&G has reduced from 118,000 to 105,000 (2014-2016) which indicates company’s inability to retain people at the organization11. Cost Efficiency: P&G…show more content…
Due to this, the company has been able to ensure its presence in multiple product lines of the market along with generating a strong financial base for development. The global presence of the organization has allowed to share its resources to achieve economies of scale in its business. It has well-educated workforce to support strategic business objectives and goals. Strong rural – urban distribution network of the company has been a boon for quick availability of the popular products in varied markets1. Weakness P&G had a range of about 300 products in the market, spread across different brand categories and product lines. However, lack of improvement and effective innovation had led to the development of only 65 core brands, while the remaining are now out of market circulation. A product portfolio of only 65 branded products provides close to 95% of the organization’s revenue. It was due to the lack of adequate innovation and ineffective marketing planning methods that led to the withdrawal of the products from the market. The company has invested huge capital in developing new products and in streamlining its product distribution process. However, it is now focussed on maintaining its core branded products in the current operation1. Opportunities The strong distribution network of the company can be utilized in establishing a market base in the rural sector. As per a recent study, there is an increase in the purchasing power of the consumers,
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