Non Governmental Organizations Help Protect The Rights Of Children On An International Level And Combat

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While international treaties and non-governmental organizations seek to protect “child soldier” recruitment worldwide, these efforts have been also met with distinctions with respect to “child soldier” and “child terrorists”. Whereas the former is considered faultless, the latter is presumed blamable and willing. This distinction fails to account for two groups of children who are impressionable and tricked by the evils of warfare. As a consequence, the number of children recruited into organizations affiliated with terrorism for the purposes of carrying out terrorist acts is rising drastically. Therefore, in order to end forced militarization of the youth in a true effort to protect the rights of children on an international level and combat these rising trends, these treaties and organizations should amend their current efforts to specifically include children who are forced or unduly persuaded into terrorist organizations.
Using children in armed forces is not a new concept. Since the dawn of civilization, humankind has sold, coerced, kidnapped, or brainwashed children for warfare. Children, as young as seven, were reportedly trained for combat dating back to the Roman and Greek ages. Furthermore, the word "soldier" comes from the Latin for "work for pay," and originally signified officially sanctioned national armed forces. Overtime, these children became more valuable to organizations and an easy target as recruits.
Though largely
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