Non Governmental Organizations Today in Bangladesh

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The Government view is NGO s are really important for country like Bangladesh, they can have the role to overcome gaps in delivering and reaching poor people when they require services in natural and economical problems. The services provide by NGOs create competition among governmental organizations NGO programs addressing poverty, bringing into sharper focus issues such as cost-effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the use of public funds. A well known NGO Rural Employment Support Foundation established in 1990, is a state-run microcredit funding institution. Established in 1990, it works for microcredit funding and remove poverty from society by providing microcredit to people who live under poverty level they also help them to start their business by providing different training another well known international financial agencies is ADB. They financed different projects that include Urban Health Care Project, essential primary health care services were contracted through NGO s or private providers via competitive partnership agreements. This project includes the cities like Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna and particularly the slums located in populous areas inhabited by poorer city dwellers. This Project by ADB completed in 2005 had a positive impact on the primary health, family welfare, and nutrition of the urban population, and particularly women and children. NGOs today in Bangladesh NGOs of Bangladesh provides lots of welfare services like
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