Non Gravitational Effects On Jupiter 's Satellites

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Non-gravitational effects on Jupiter’s satellites The non-gravitational forces affecting on the natural satellites orbits were studied recently using observations. This effect creates a quadratic term in orbital longitude and a secular changing of the semi-major axis. Causes may be only hypothetical. It is assumed that the causes of the effects are in the tides in the body of the planet and in the body of satellite (Emelyanov 2015; private communication). Lainey et al. (2009) considered an extensive set of astrometric observations from 1891 to 2007 to study the orbital tidal evolution of the innermost Jovian satellite Io. They integrated numerically the full equations of motion for the satellite center’s mass. It is noteworthy that Io’s tidal heat comes from the orbital energy of the Io–Jupiter system (resulting in orbital acceleration), whereas dissipation of energy in Jupiter causes Io’s orbital motion to declare. They used a weighted least squares inversion procedure and minimized the differences between the observed and computed positions of the satellites to determine the parameters of the model. The solution for the tidal dissipation gives for Io, and for Jupiter, where, is the love number and is the quality value. The orbital accelerations represent a shift in the orbital positions of the Galilean satellites Io, Europa and Ganymede of 55 km, -125 km and -365 km over the 116 years respectively. The fit astrometric residuals range essentially between 0.02 and
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