Non Human Primates

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“Study says apes think like humans in an important way” In Seth Borenstein’s article about non-human primates, he discusses how humans and apes are similar. Likewise, the author states that it appears that apes have the skill sets to walk in someone else’s shoes, just as humans can. The author ties in a study that was conducted on select great apes to see if they shared this trait with humans known as the “theory of the mind.” Borenstien points out the study focuses on the idea of false beliefs and how these primates react to this information. He continues by expressing that previously, the great apes were thought to be unable to understand this concept that human toddlers could, but according to recent research involving primates and clips of King Kong, these apes are capable of understanding that what is happening is not true. An expert, Kano, from the University of Kyoto commented on the study and remarked that while this is a big step, it does not imply full complex understanding. However, Borenstien insists that this is very important because previous studies were unsuccessful and this expresses complex cognition among non-human primates. On the other hand, the author includes the facts that the sample size for this…show more content…
Moreover, one of the key elements of biological anthropology is the concept of the behavioral aspects of humans and non-human primates, as well as their correlation to one another as ancestors. Not only does this piece discuss the behavior of the great apes, but it also compares those behaviors to that of humans. The understanding of false beliefs among great apes is only one of a multitude of way that humans and non-human primates share similarities. The evidence provided further establishes the importance of studying the two in relation to one another. Therefore, there is a direct tie to this field of anthropology in this
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