Non Human Research Paper

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Humans have been oppressing non-human animals for quiet sometime just because they can. Humans see non-humans as less intelligent, insignificant, disposable, and the fact that humans are at the top of the food chain. Humans haven’t just oppressed non-humans, they have oppressed other humans and treated them like non-humans today are treated. We are guilty of treating humans and non-humans as slaves to better our own lively hood. I have come up with a few strategies to overcome our power hunger and denial regarding non-humans. We treat dairy cows as slaves like we did to humans. An example of this is that if they produce more milk than expected they are expected the high of production every time (Willets, Class Notes 4/25-4/27). However,…show more content…
Our intelligence is far more superior to any other animal. Therefore, we use this as our justification to be at the top of the food chain and don’t mind killing animals for things like research and food. People with a lower intelligence tend to be looked as lower on the food chain than when compared to higher intelligence people. We value intelligence so much that it will determine our outcome in life ranging from our job to social life to wealth. If intelligence affects humans’ lives that much it is an already decided factor that non-humans will be treated much worse. We believe that since non-humans language is undeveloped and far less complex than humans that gives us the right to be in…show more content…
First, is to as a society accept that we have a problem of wanting and needing power. In order to get to this acceptance we need to bring the slaughterhouses and farms out of hiding and show what is really going on behind the scenes. There should be a law implemented to make slaughterhouses and farms have windows for the public to see what is going. I mean it shouldn’t be like we can view what’s happening 24/7 because that is there lively hood and some people’s homes. We don’t want the public to invade people’s privacy or put the workers at risk of being in danger. There could be more tours available for slaughterhouses. I don’t see anyone wanting to go on a tour, but it should be available to the public maybe on-line. Perhaps, a live feed of what is happening at the slaughterhouse. These strategies are a bit more risky because they can have backlash on the governments’ invasion of privacy, works endangerment, and animal cruelty complaints left and right. The public can be overwhelmed when something like slaughterhouses is put right in front of our face. If we can accept the fact that slaughterhouses exist and we treat animals like dairy cows as slaves. Then we can overcome this power hungry society we live in. To get rid of any problem it must be accepted that there is a problem. Denial is a powerful thing we have in our society and that is quite often over
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