Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilator (NPPV)

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Mechanical ventilation is any method by which physical devices or machines assist or replace spontaneous breathing. It is indicated when there is ineffective gas exchange in the lungs or the patient’s spontaneous ventilation is inadequate. Mechanical ventilation can be classified into negative and positive pressure ventilation. Mechanical ventilation may also be classified as invasive or non-invasive.
Non-Invasive positive pressure ventilator (NPPV) is a means of supporting failing respiratory function by providing oxygen enriched gas under pressure without requiring endotracheal intubation. Options for NPPV include
- Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
- Bi-level Positive Airway pressure (BPAP)
The Respironics BiPAP Auto Bi-Flex system
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Respironic bipap auto with and without heated humidifier Respironic bipap auto with heated humidifier and tubing and SD…show more content…
1. Prior to bedtime, fill the humidifier tank with distilled water. Gently lift up the humidifier door and slide the tank towards you. Open up the tank and fill with distilled water to the maximum line. ( do not go over this line). Reassemble the tank and slide it back into the humidifier and close the door.
2. Connect the device to a power source to turn on the device.
3. The home screen appears on the display. Using the control dial, highlight therapy then depress the dial to turn on air flow and start therapy.
4. Put on the mask and headgear and adjust to prevent air leakage (Do not overtighten)
5. The flexible tubing connected to the humidifer delivers air to the patient through the mask. Make sure it has room to move freely when you turn on your side or move your head from side to side.
6. The humidity setting may be adjusted. The ideal humidity is different for each patient and depends on the temperature and humidity of the room.
7. The ramp feature can be pressed to gradually increase the air pressure to your prescription setting, to allow you fall asleep easily
8. In the morning when you wake up, turn off the device my pressing the control
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