Non Judicial Punishment Is A Form Of Punishment

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Non-judicial punishment Non-judicial punishment is a form of punishment that is authorized by the UCMJ, which is an article 15, this allows a commander to discipline troops without court-martial ("Non-Judicial Punishment Explained," n.d.). Some minor offenses a service member may receive an article 15 for are: reporting to duty late, disobeying orders, destruction of government property, petty theft, or any other offense the commander of a unit deems as minor ("Non-Judicial Punishment Explained," n.d.). If a service member is punished for anything that is not a minor offense they can still be punished by court-martial too ("Non-Judicial Punishment Explained," n.d.). When a service member is getting an article 15 they have the right to be notified that the process is under review ("Non-Judicial Punishment Explained,” n.d.). Other rights a service member has include the ability to see the alleged offense and evidence, notice that the service member can refuse “any imposition of punishment,” and if punishment is accepted their rights ("Non-Judicial Punishment Explained," n.d.). Service members attached to a vessel are not able to oppose an article 15, and if the service member rejects the article 15, that does not mean that they will not be charged, the case will just move to a court-martial ("Non-Judicial Punishment Explained," n.d.). Furthermore, an article 15 can seems to be easier than a court-martial, there are still rules and rights of the service member that
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