Non-Linear References/ Symbolism in the Glass Menagerie Essay example

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Tennessee Williams', The Glass Menagerie, is a play that evokes great sympathy and in some cases, empathy for a protagonist who struggles to overcome two opposing forces; his responsibilities and his desires. There are many symbols and non-liner references that contribute to the development of characterization, dramatic tensions and the narrative. This essay will examine in detail, the aspects of the play that contribute to the development of the above mentioned elements. In Tom's opening addresses, he explains to the audience that the play's fifth character is his absent father –present only in the form of a picture that hangs on the wall. This picture that looms above the dining room table makes the reader visualize the Wingfield…show more content…
In the last scene where Tim –the gentleman caller that Tom has seconded– comes to meet Laura, the house is redecorated in an attempt to impress Laura's prospective husband. The pattern of the newly bought lamp shade is of blue roses. The "rose-coloured" light makes Laura look beautiful as she is illuminated in light that is cast off of "blue coloured roses". Through this, she is "Blue Roses". Likewise, when you look at transparent glass figurines; Laura's glass menagerie, under the right light and at the right angle, a beautiful rainbow of colour emerges. Under the right light, the glass figurines become more than just see-through. Similarly, under the right light by the right person, Laura "shines" and is beautiful. While in an argument with his mother about books she confiscated because they were written by D.H. Lawrence, Tom is also confronted about his nightly disappearances to the movies. Amanda does not believe the claim that her son spends his nights out at the movies. Furthermore, she is angered by the drunken state in which he often returns home and believes it will place his job that the family depends on, in jeopardy. Although never admitted, Williams play is in many respects an autobiography detailing the hardships of his own life. Anyone who has ever studied Tennessee Williams knows that a significant part of his identity was that he was gay. As a young man, Tom had the burden of many responsibilities; being the

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