Non Meat Eating Lifestyle Can Be Difficult Essay

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There has always been a negative remark towards people that choose not to eat meat. I have been a pescartrain, a person that abstains from eating any meat except fish, for three years and most of the time people tend to either assume that I want to lose weight or try to convince me that it is an unhealthy lifestyle. They always say, “you aren 't getting enough protein”, or one of my personal favorites, “so, you only eat salad?”. As absurd as it sounds, I get asked this multiple times either from people I just met and even my family. People often stereotype vegetarians as skinny and extremely fit; however that is not the case. Adapting to non-meat eating lifestyle can be difficult; however there are many benefits. Even though many people assume vegetarians do not get enough protein, becoming a vegetarian can decrease the chances of certain cancers and heart diseases.
The idea of abstaining from meat has been around for a long period of time. According to Claus Leitzmann from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it has been around since the sixth century B.C. and originated from the Orphic mysteries followers. A greek philosopher by the name of Pythagorean, and other influential persons promoted ethical vegetarianism until the 19th century. After that it begin to fade away until it was reintroduced during the Renaissance Era and the Age of Enlightenment. When people were informed of the benefits of becoming a vegetarian or vegan, a person that does not consume or use
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