Non-Monogamous Essay: Love, Love And Love

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You're lying to yourself if you have never thought about trying something new, or you're just a boring person. Being monogamous is really a battle with what we want from our relationship which is passion. Non-monogamous relationships teach us about what we expect, what we think we want, and what we feel entitled to.
the practice of being married to one person at one time the practice of having sexual relations with just only one partner
The definition rings the word practice in my mind. This practice round of marriage makes me feel trapped. I don't wanna feel trapped for the rest of my life in this comfort zone of our love being bound by monogamy. How do you leave the comfort zone? Well you never really leave it because of course you took on the role of having this person be madly in love with you. However I propose to you a non monogamous relationship aka an open relationship. I'd like to take this moment of being young and avoid being 18 and feeling married. I don't wanna feel trapped. I wanna be my own person and get this time to know myself and see what I want. I have always been around someone, never really been alone. Whether it be love from my parents or a relationship love. I learned what love was sophomore with the first ever girlfriend. For the past 4 years I found out
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Like you felt this passion of where you look at them and say “yes that's mine” or simply has verbally said “I love you.” Is this the true “I love you” The one I stick to for the rest of my life. Thats the ning you don't really know if they're the one because you haven't been your own person in a while. By taking the small step of being open and saying “I want a monograms relationship.” We can articulate what our needs are to improve ones life, your partners life and the whole relationship. Non-Monogamous couples at the early steps of a relationship are consistent with their opens and overall more honest with each
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