Non-Parental Child Care

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Non-Parental Child Care A handsome young American couple decides to get married after being romantically involved for just two short years. A few months following their wedding day, the couple decides to have a baby. About one year after conception, the couple is seen embracing the very light of their lives as they hold their baby girl. Although it seems life could not be any better for the couple, they realize that the father’s sole income is not enough to support the entire family. The couple thought they had appropriately accounted for the expenses necessary to manage the new addition to their family on a single income. However, with the recent price spike of groceries resulting from sky rocketing gas prices, the couple realizes…show more content…
. . and self-care for the behavior and well-being of children and adolescents” (p. 473). The second type of child care is family day care which consists of child care in a home other than the child’s own. This type of day care can be beneficial to the child because family day care providers typically have activities and play areas to accommodate the children they care for. However, much like in-home child care, family day care providers generally do not have adequate child care training. Center-based child care, on the other hand, is arguably the most effective non-parental child care resource. According to a text by Berns (2010), she lists the qualities of center-based child care when she says that caregivers are “More likely to have had college courses related to and experience with children” (p. 177). Not only do child care centers typically offer a range of physical activities for children within their play areas, but educated child care providers generally follow a planned curriculum for children to assist them with developmental skills. Berns (2010) points out that “Socialization is not only affected by the type of care, but also by the curriculum implemented (most often found in center-based care)” (p. 177). Now that the three types of child care have been discussed, it is important to understand the influences of child care on a child’s
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