Non Parental Child Care

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Non Parental Child Care
Non parental Child Care, and the Influences It has on Development
Amara Washington
Nancy Russell
July 9, 2012

Non Parental Child Care and the Influence it has on Development In today’s society more and more women are working outside of the homes and are not able to take care of the children on a full time bases. When the parents are unable to tend to their children, they have to seek help from an outside source. Years ago, it was natural for the mother of the children to stay at home and care for them while the father goes to work. But time has changed and there is a major increase in single parenting than before. Even in two parent homes, the mother has to work in order to maintain the house
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The third style of non parental child care is family daycare. Family daycare is when family members can go through a special screening to care for a child. This program started in 1988 when the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) started the program. The family members have to go through a special screening to see if they qualify to care for the children, and have all the necessary equipment needed to properly care for them. One issue that a child may have to deal with is separation from the parent. When children are use to being around their mother, or their parents it may be very difficult for them to leave their parents to be with others, even family. This can cause stress for a child, and anxiety, and could cause stress for a care giver if not properly trained. Also with their cognitive development, when dealing with family members they know what you want done and can be more willing to teach your child, or help your child develop in the way you see fit. The fact is parents have to trust their children to daycare centers, nannies, and family for the nurturing and development of their children. It can be a very hard process to go through, but with the right daycare, or nanny, or even family member you will be able to have some comfort in knowing that their children will be properly cared for. Anytime that a child has to be away from their parent in the younger ages, there can be some
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