Non Participant Observation On Science, Social Studies, And Mathematics

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Data Collection The method that will be used to collect data will be non-participant observation. The non-participant observation is the most appropriate because I will be able to observe, without interrupting the class, how the participants conduct their mathematics, science, and social studies lessons. I will also observe whether or not they incorporate literacy into their lessons, and if so how it impacts them. Non-participant observation will show how these participants handle the emphasis on literacy in the curriculum, especially with the Common Core standards (Creswell, 2005). The non-participant observation will be implemented through these steps for specific reasons:
• There is a need for non-participant observation because it will result in producing data that reflects authentic events of the lessons and how it pertains to the research study of the effect that literacy has on science, social studies, and mathematics.
• There will be four observations conducted for each participant, a total of twenty observations. There is a need for four observations for each participant in order to receive an accurate data collection between the three participants to determine accurate and valid findings of this study. The observations will take place over a two month period, each participant will be observed twice a month.
• The observation will be conducted in each of the participants’’ classrooms. I will be observing their lessons from the back of the classroom while taking
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