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Non-Profit Analysis Project
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Part 1: Christian World View According to Del Tackett’s article on the Focus on the Family website, a person with a Biblical world view “believes his primary reason for existence is to love and serve God” (Tackett, 2012). Barna Research Group asks the following questions to determine if a person has a Biblical worldview: “Do absolute moral truths exist? Is absolute truth defined by the Bible? Did Jesus Christ live a sinless life? Is God the all-powerful and all-knowing Creator of the universe, and does He still rule it today? Is salvation a gift from God that cannot be earned? Is Satan real? Does a Christian have a responsibility to share his
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A Christian who has a real Christian worldview should measure what they do in their personal and professional life against what the Bible says and how the Holy Spirit leads us. This will allow us to make sure that our Biblical worldview does not get too much of the world within it.

Part 2: 10 Non-Profits
Georgia Ensemble Theatre Georgia Ensemble Theatre and Conservatory was started in 1992 under the guidance of Robert J. Farley a nationally known director of national theatres such as the Alaska Repertory Theatre and Atlanta Alliance Theatre. Georgia Ensemble Theatre captures the attention of adults who enjoy the theatre and also nurtures the interest of our youth to keep the love of theatre alive for the future generations.
Georgia Ensemble Theatre operates all year at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center. Theatre classes and productions are offered on a continuing basis. GET produces such plays as The Diary of Anne Frank, Of Mice and Men, The Miracle Worker and To Kill a Mockingbird during the school year so that schools, both public and private can make literature come to life with theatrical productions. Classes are offered for preschoolers, children, teens and adults of all levels from novice to expert. Community outreach is essential to Georgia Ensemble theatre and they have partnerships with twelve area schools. Free and reduced price tickets are available to students and senior citizens.
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