Non-Profit Management Program Analysis

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I am applying to the Master’s program of Non-Profit Management at Northeastern University, because I believe it will help to prepare me to achieve my career goal of being an executive director of a non-profit organization. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I distinctly remember her worries about taking care of herself, her children, and making the most of her life. I also remember her fears being less prevalent when she began receiving assistance from non-profit organizations that helped her with medical issues but also help her get through her daily routine. As I saw my mother enjoy time with her family before her passing, I saw that unique and important role that non-profit organizations had in society. It also made me want to use my education and personal experiences to help those in need.

From this program, I expect to learn the skills on how to be successful in the non-profit
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The classroom gave me the ability to write well thought out research papers, perfect my presentation skills, and also learn how to analyze policy and documents efficiently and accurately. Outside of the classroom, I held a variety of positons that would attribute to my success in this distinct graduate program. In my senior year, I held the title of Senior Peer Advisor. In this role, I was given the opportunity to design programs and workshops, and train mentors in order to help the transition of freshmen into our college community easier. This role gave me the ability to center my work on the specific purpose of the peer advising program, and use my skills to ensure that the freshmen class reeked the benefits of it. Being a mentor within this program as well, also helped me to build bonds with the freshmen that I specifically worked with. This program exemplifies what I hope to continue in my graduate experience at Northeastern
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