Non-Profit Marketing- Problems and Future Challenges

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Non-Profit Marketing- Problems and Future Challenges
Raja Gopal Panigrahi, M.Com, MBA. M.Phil [PhD]
Associate Professor
Dr.N.S.Kolla School of Business
Visakhapatnam-531163 [AP]

Marketing is being blamed for creating materialism in society and also for creating unnecessary demand for Products and Services, which the customer would not have asked for. It is because of marketing that the suppressed desires of the materialistic world take over the moral man and loads into being a hedonist. But people also feel that marketing is responsible for what has happened to the world over the years and what will happen in the future.
People belonging to their school of thought are of the opinion that marketing creates
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Social marketing is an activity of the non-profit organization. We find social marketing employing the use of the marketing concept in an effort to persuade consumers to accept social ideas beneficial to society at large. These organizations vary from the trade and professional associations to community, national and international organizations. We find non-profit organization dealing with two basic market segments – Donors and Clients. They subscribe to the objectives that cannot be measured in financial terms. They are concerned with the people, places and ideas as well as product and services. The donors may or may not necessarily receive any products to note services in exchange for donations/contributions. It is also significant that non-profit organizations offer products/services to those in need and even may not be able to absorb the cost of the product/services.
For example the services offered by an educational and health institutions occupy a place of outstanding significance and it is against this background that citizens of a country have a right users of services can’t be uniform and therefore they are supposed to work with the motto of serving the society without making profit. Because we find these services , of late , depending upon the supporting infrastructural facilities known as inputs,

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