Non Profit Organization

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1. Introduction The nonprofit corporation exists solely to provide programs and services that are of public benefit. Often these programs and services are not otherwise provided by local, state, or federal entities. While they are able to earn a profit, more accurately called a surplus; such earnings must be retained by the organization for its future provision of programs and services. Earnings may not benefit individuals or stake-holders. Underlying many effective nonprofit endeavors is a commitment to management. Twenty years ago, the term "management" was distasteful to many of those involved in nonprofit organizations because of its connotations of "business." Non-profits prided themselves on being free of the taint of…show more content…
• Board Chair - A board chair's role is central to coordinating the work of the board, executive director and committees. The chair's role may have appointive power for committees, depending on what is specified about this role in the bylaws. The power of the board chair is usually through persuasion and general leadership. See the topic Board Chair for an overview of the board chair role. • Committees - Typically, the board chooses to carry out its operations using a variety of board committees. The topic Description of Typical Committees for a description of typical board committees. • Executive Director - The board typically chooses to have this one person who is ultimately responsible to carry out the wishes of the board. The executive director is directly accountable for the work of the staff and supports the work of the board committees. • Staff - Staff report to the executive director and may support the work of the committees. • Volunteers - Volunteers are unpaid personnel who assist staff, serve on committees and generally work under the direction of the executive director. Three Major Aspects of Nonprofit Structure Typically, the nonprofit operations are organized into major functions. These functions usually include central administration and programs. • Governance - The governance function of a nonprofit is
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