Non Profit Organization Marketing : An Organization

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Non-profit Organization Marketing

Relying on country characteristics, NGO have different meaning. By summarizing existing literatures, the concept of global NGO community was initially introduced by United Nations in 1960s, defined NGO as an aggregation from voluntary citizens to form an organization whose purpose are focus on local, national or even international level to dedicated to some particular issues on social causes like animal protection, same sex marriage or mental health to bring citizens’ concern to governments while encourage others stakeholders to participated in the organization to strive for social improvement by providing physical goods or services, monitoring policy and implementing different programmes without any commercial benefit (Sargeant, 1999; KCSF, 2005; United Nations, 2016). Marketing is nothing new, everyone understand it is a process in creating customers’ value and build strong relationships to capture value in return (Koter et, al, 2015). However, NGO marketing also known as social marketing is a comparatively new idea germinated by notable marketing scholars Philp Kotler and Sidney Levy in 1969 to indicate the feasibility in utilizing commercial marketing activities in NGO (Chong, Lam & Siu, 2004; Mullatahiri, 2008; Parthasarathy, 2012). This idea had triggered lots of discussion in past decades, some scholar believed this idea could help NGO to choose the right potential donors, communicate vision and mission effectively while finally…

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