Non Profit Organizations Essay

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Nonprofit Organizations The purpose of this research is to define nonprofit organizations, describe opportunities that are present in nonprofits, outline advantages and disadvantages of working in the nonprofit sector, and explain how you can determine if this is an area for you to consider as a career. WHAT IS THE NONPROFIT SECTOR? "Nonprofit" is a term that the I.R.S. uses to define tax-exempt organizations whose money or "profit" must be used solely to further their charitable or educational mission, rather than distribute profits to owners or shareholders as in the for-profit sector. The term is also used to describe organizations which are not a branch of -- are independent of --…show more content…
Nonprofits especially appeal to individuals who are passionately committed to a cause, enjoy pursing public issues and love their work. Attempting to classify all the organizations that make up the nonprofit sector is difficult. Some of these organizations are somewhat esoteric by nature, especially single-issue organizations like those dedicated to sickle cell anemia or the prevention of cruelty to laboratory test animals. Other nonprofit groups are much broader in scope, like the United Way. Nonprofit can be usually categorized into eight main areas: 1. Health Services - rape victim relief, kidney disease, retarded citizens' associations 2. Education/Research - religious/private pre-school through post-secondary schools, dropout prevention, public policy research 3. Religious Organizations - groups by denominations, religious publishing, missionary activities 4. Social Service - transitional care vocational counseling, homeless shelters, credit counseling 5. Civic, Social and Fraternal Organizations - minority rights, voter education/registration, United Way 6. Arts and Culture, including Public TV and Radio - ballet, folk arts, media arts 7. Foundations - community/corporate foundations, volunteerism promotion, international relief 8. Legal Services - legal/civil aid, public interest
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