Non Profit : The Obvious Choice

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Non-Profit: The Obvious Choice With there being a negative stigma towards nursing homes, I’m sure you are aware that there are problems that need to be solved within the whole industry. One of the main problems that arises is abuse and neglect in many nursing homes which I am sure you are aware of. So many smaller problems that happen in nursing homes effect residents negatively and on a bigger scale can result in abuse or neglect among the residents. This issue became significantly aware to me when I began to work in a nursing home last year, and I experience first hand what occurs behind the doors. I was in training with other certified nurse aides and they were training me on how to perform certain tasks. While they were training me I…show more content…
When the companies are non-profit the statistics show that they are overall a better place to live and have fewer problems with abuse and neglect. When people are looking to find which nursing home will be best for their loved one they are more likely to pick a non-profit nursing home versus a for-profit nursing home. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) had reported that nursing facilities owned by the top ten for-profit healthcare chains reported lower numbers of nursing staffing ratios (“Non-Profit vs. For-Profit Nursing Homes”). After the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, all nursing homes must have 24-hours licensed nursing staff who can adequately meet the needs of all the residents. Also, each nursing home must have a registered nurse for at least 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. 90% of all nursing homes are understaffed, and with Kindred being incorporated in this statistic, I think we can both agree that this problem is prevalent and needs attention. Ten of the biggest for-profit chains showed that they employed 37% fewer registered nurses than non-profit chains (Gaille). For-profit chains also receive about 60% more deficiency notices by state inspectors for health and safety violations then non-profit (Gaille). So if you became non-profit you would hopefully raise your staffing to meet the regulatory requirement, and save yourself from getting fined for not following the regulations, or even sued. If you were to convert Kindred into a non-profit it
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