Non State Actors

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Environment now become a global issue. For that reason, non-state actors such as: NGOs and activists participate to solve this problem. However, their participations are almost affecting population’s idea or cooperating with firms and even lobbying policies (O’Neil, 2009). These actions can be considered as effort of non-state actors, but not directly protect environment. Therefore, non-state actors alone is not enough to deal with environmental problems that require a dependence of them on state actors. This essay will present, analyze the functions of non-state actors and will illustrate the relation between them and states. It cannot be denied the important role of non-state actors in order to tackle environmental issues. Firstly, the propaganda tools and persuasions are an effective method of non-state actors in almost case for influencing people and businesses about the importance of protecting the environment. According to D’Estries (2015), environmental NGOs such as: WWF or Greenpeace recognized the attraction of social media, especially Facebook, hence, they used this as a tool to present their environmental campaigns and get a lot of ‘like’ button. This button is an evidence of the concern of a large of population about the environmental issues and it can influence their idea of protecting the environment. In the article “environmental activism, environmental politics and representation: the framing of the British environmental activist movement”, Newlands (2013)…
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