Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Wearing a hair replacement system can solve your hair loss problems overnight! However, you should make yourself aware of a few facts if you are to achieve a natural appearance. Everyone believes they can easily spot someone wearing a hairpiece. Yet, outside of the obvious 12th Century toupee, making an accurate guess can be a difficult task. This is because in the past, the materials were heavy and the construction methods were somewhat crude. Hence the long list of popular slang terms, including toupee, wig, and rug. Times in the hair replacement industry have changed. Thanks to a better understanding of how hair grows, plus advanced construction materials, what used to be called a "hairpiece" is now referred to as a…show more content…
In addition, more attention is paid to the front hairline (often thought to be the most important part of a hair system). Keep reading to find out how to choose the right hair system base. How is a hair replacement system attached? Currently, there are three popular attachment methods; clips, glue or tape. Glue (often called bonding adhesive) and tape are used by well over 90% of hair wearers. Of course, they both offer a secure attachment as much as most wearers believe using adhesive or tape helps to achieve a more natural appearance. A hair system attachment can last up to 4 weeks providing they are using professional strength glues or tape with more tack. However, the majority of wearers prefer to use a daily wear bond so they can take their system off every night or after a few days of wear. The most common problem for men and women who wear hair replacement systems is an attachment. You have a sea of options to choose from and since we're all different, one size doesn't always fit all. If you'd like to learn more about how to properly attach your hair system our online guide might be helpful. Interested in buying a custom hair
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