Non Tariff Barriers

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NON-TARIFF BARRIERS Kunj Baheti Roll no.: 6 Prof. Mrs. Amita Johnson, M.K.S College University of Mumbai INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Types of Non-tariff Barriers 3. Examples of Non-tariff Barriers 4. Impact of Non-tariff barrier on International trade 5. Non-tariff Barriers in India 6. Non-tariff Barriers Today 7. The Transition from Tariffs to Non-tariff barrier 8. Bibliography 9. References NON-TARIFF BARRIERS Non-tariff barriers to trade (NTBs) are trade barriers that restrict imports but are not in the…show more content…
Government Participation in Trade:  Government procurement policies  Export subsidies  Countervailing duties  Domestic assistance programs Charges on imports:  Prior import deposit subsidies  Administrative fees  Special supplementary duties  Variable levies  Border taxes Others:  Voluntary export restraints  Orderly marketing agreements  Employment law  Import licenses  Export subsidies Examples of Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade Non-tariff barriers to trade can be: • Import bans • General or product-specific quotas • Rules of Origin • Quality conditions imposed by the importing country on the exporting countries • Sanitary and phyto-sanitary conditions • Packaging conditions • Labeling conditions • Product standards • Complex regulatory environment • Determination of eligibility of an exporting country by the importing country • Additional trade documents like Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Authenticity etc. • Occupational safety and health regulation • Employment law • Import licenses • State subsidies, procurement, trading, state ownership • Export subsidies • Fixation of a minimum import price • Product classification •
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