Non Tariff Barriers to Trade

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Dr. Hanspeter Tschäni
Dr. Laurence Wiedmer

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ASYCUDA Automated System for Customs Data
BiH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BSEC Black Sea Economic Cooperation
CAFAO Customs and Fiscal Office
CAM-A/CAM-ES Customs Assistance Mission in Albania and Eastern Croatia
CEFTA Central European Free Trade Agreement
CEI Central European Initiative
CIF Cost, Insurance, Freight
DEM Deutsche Mark
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EU European Union
FIAS Foreign
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to work out recommendations for the removal of NTBs and for further work in exploring the topic.

It was agreed that the efforts should be concentrated on the four core parties of the Stability Pact, i.e. Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Croatia and Macedonia. A first version of the study was presented and discussed at a Trade Policy Forum held on 17/18 January 2001 in Geneva. On this occasion it was decided to complete the study by adding the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), including Montenegro, and to up-date the facts about the four core parties on the basis of input to be provided by the countries concerned.

The present final report addresses all the objectives listed in the TOR. Following a brief examination of the meaning of the term NTB and its handling in trade agreements (chapter II) and a succinct presentation of the main efforts and projects dealing with such measures in the region (chapter III), the main emphasis of the report is on the findings and conclusions of the study (chapter IV) and on the country sheets (chapter V). Chapter IV covers all the countries examined and presents a summary assessment of relevant basic facts about their economic and trade policy frameworks, general observations made during the elaboration of the study, and findings concerning NTBs. This is followed by a set of general conclusions and recommendations. The country sheets in
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