Non Traditional Adults Essay

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The traditional adult attending a college or university is attempting to get their foot in the door of life. While the non-traditional adult, someone who is already in the workforce, is attending college for a different reason: either to change a career, improve a job skills, or for the joy of learning. The wise employers are sending employees back to school in order to make the business successful. Universities and colleges are adapting their programs to the needs of these non-traditional adults. As the non-traditional adults flood the colleges and universities, corporations and educational institutes are collaborating to establish the most optimum way to support the needs of the students while providing the best trained and educated workers in the industry. Today’s corporations are highly advanced in communication, operations, and productions. The need for highly educated people is in great demand for both white and blue collar workers. With the continuing evolution of technology, companies will need to train and educate their employees to upgrade their level of knowledge. This is being accomplished through company training or…show more content…
Taking into account the working student, institutions have viewed the demographics of these students and established a wide variety of programs to assist the students in getting their certification or degree. Attending night school has been a trend for many years, but now institutions are also capitalizing on the internet. Establishing an online program has provided more and more working students a chance to gain the certification that their employer has required. Furthermore, educational institutions are continuing to work with businesses and financial institutions to provide financial support to the student, enabling many students the opportunity to
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