Non-Traditional Marriage Case Study

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Campbell’s: A Loving or Calculated Approach to Normalize Non-Traditional Marriages in the Media? When it comes to sensitive subjects, such as gay rights, the majority of companies tend to steer clear of conveying any personal opinions in fear of seeming too political or losing customer support. This is why so many people were shocked when a Campbell’s Soup commercial appeared on airways in late 2015 in conjunction with the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The commercial stars a gay couple with their son and is a part of the company’s #RealRealLife campaign. The campaign’s purpose was to feature real life families in real everyday situations. Much anticipated by the company, Campbell’s choice in supporting non-traditional marriages angered…show more content…
The controversial Campbell’s ad opens with a similar scene. A father at the table playfully feeding his son Star Wars themed Campbell’s soup while making the famous Darth Vader breathing noises. He then says “Copper, I am your father” quoting the famous line from the well-known Star Wars trilogy while his son opens his mouth to eat a spoon/”spaceship” full of soup. A second man then appears in the frame saying, “No, no, no, I am your father” and feeding the boy another bite of soup, obviously showing that the boy has two fathers. The first man then says to the second, “That has to be the worst Vader I’ve ever heard…why don’t you be Chewbacca?” encouraging a funny, playful environment. A woman’s voice then says “Campbell’s Soups, made for real, real life, while the text of what she’s saying appears paired with an image of three Star Wars themed Campbell’s soup cans right beside it. This ad is nothing to get offended over, as a matter of fact it couldn’t be more comfortable and laid back. There is no music playing in the commercial at any time, making the setting seem more genuine. Almost like a real, calm afternoon in someone’s home. The area appears to be naturally lit, indicating that there isn’t any obvious artificial lighting. The gestures of the people are natural and loving, and the cinematography and editing are pretty basic, giving the commercial a homey
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