Non Traditional Student Essay

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Stability in our everyday lives is really significant. Trying to balance out school, work and home may be a problem, particularly when it comes to nontraditional students. Nontraditional students are generally more stressed out than traditional students. As a nontraditional scholar, one must learn to stabilize them. Lack of time, transposing, and money are higher degrees of stress due to time management, hence I must find stability not only in professionalism but also at home.

Struggling throughout the process of discovering myself and becoming whom I want to be. Setting aside a plan to be successful in all I want to do, time takes on a major role. Embarking on this school and work process as a nontraditional student having no stability. Without any stability stressing may occur and …show more content…

It's exceedingly difficult for somebody to find a school and a job in the same area because of the economy, seems somewhat like the Great Depression. Traveling from school to work can be a bit tough for individual work and travelling to school full time, for example, you might have to depart school at 4:30 and be at work at 5:00 but your job is an hour away with no beginning of transit other than the CTA. It's uncommon now in days to find a job working part time because most people want to be part time as I only because I don’t desire to look anywhere not home, schoolhouse, or work even if my studies are online, there's more of a commitment because it's almost as if you're teaching yourself. Traveling a distance from school and work may also stress you out because this has to do with time management as well what if the teacher holds you, or the bus is delayed, or the car won't start, now here’s a write up because you can't seem to get to work on time. It's then possible to verbalize to the school or the job about your hours, but what occurs if they both say no then what will you

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