Non Traditional View of History

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“History is written by the winners” is a popular saying that is often associated with Winston Churchill, but in actuality George Orwell, a widely known novelist, essayist, journalist and critic from the mid-twenty century, wrote this phrase in his essay “As I Please.” While the quote from Orwell is generally true, it brings about certain bias towards how history is taught. With history being seen as written by the winners, many who are beginning to study history are restricted from understanding and gaining the knowledge of the “losers” in history. Throughout the tutorials in the course the readings had a common theme; that they are written from a non-traditional view. The tutorial articles and essays focused on the “losers” of history and brought their stories to light. Some of the best examples were learning about how aboriginals felt on the first meeting with Europeans, treatment of diseases and medicine, exiled Acadians, hidden aspects of war, and a focus on women’s roles being enhanced and highlighted. Despite the assumption that the “winners” in history have had an immense impact on how history is perceived today the tutorial sources show that the “losers” do in fact write history and can have a greater impact on how history in pre-confederation Canada is written. The sources from the tutorials all enhance a view that was before uncertain and unseen. These sources have helped shape the way that we write about history in pre-confederation and shown us that the
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