Non Verbal And Verbal Communication

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Communication is important in any industry. There are many forms of communication and it is constantly evolving. One such field that communication is important in is physical therapy. There is constant interaction between patients, physical therapists, physical therapists assistants, other employees, other health professionals, etc. This report will look at communication within different levels of employment, non-verbal and verbal communication, communication impacted by the audience, technology, interpersonal skills, and feedback.
First and foremost is non-verbal communication. The very first impression you have of someone is their physical appearance. Nonverbal communication plays a large role in the dynamics of how people relate to one another in the workplace (Perkins, 2010). It is important for workers in the physical therapy profession to dress appropriately and show confidence. When working with patients there is a lot to consider. “What type of message do you send, consciously and unconsciously, in the way you dress, your facial expression, your greeting rituals, your displays of emotion, your gestures, your tone of voice, or your use of space?” (Perkins, 2010, p. 51). It is important to consider all these because the patient wants to know and feel they are in good hands.
Nonverbal communication is also important within the work area. Employers want to know they can trust their employees especially with patients. An individual also wants to get along with their…
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