Non Verbal Communication And Nonverbal Communication

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BCOM 103- Nonverbal Communication

Part A:

Sitting with proper posture (Affect display):

Sitting with your back straight will allow your spine to have its natural curve. This can prevent unnecessary back strain. For example, pretend that your spine is a stack of dishes and your head is a bowling ball that you want to keep balanced evenly on top of the dishes.

Sitting with a straight spine will help you speak more clearly. Also, it will help you appear more confident, professional and focused during your interview.

Maintaining eye contact:

Naturally look into the interview’s eyes while he or she is talking, but don’t stare. Make sure to occasionally look away, but for the most part remain focused on the interviewer.

Maintaining eye contact while you’re being interviewed is vital to your success. It will help you appear focused and intrigued about what the interviewer has to say. It will also show the interviewer that you are highly interested in the position you are being interviewed for.

Nodding your head (Regulator):

Occasionally, gently nod your head slowly up and down for about 1-2 seconds while the interviewer is speaking.

Nodding your head during an interview while you are being spoken to will allow the interviewer to see your nonverbal communication, which shows that you are listening and acknowledging what they have to say. It also helps you seem confident and focused, which can be a necessity when it comes to picking the right individual for the job.
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