Non Verbal Communication At A Lancaster County Grocery Store

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As people interact with each other they communicate with their actions using nonverbal communication, the communication that is voiced with out linguistic ways (Adler, Proctor 188). Throughout life individuals discover how to communicate non verbally among each other and daily life is the classroom. Non verbal communication is key to interacting with others as well as a crucial role in social life and one’s own sanity. Observations were made to assist perception in the comprehension of this non verbal communication assignment supporting to absorb more knowledge concerning this topic. Observations completed on this subject were held at a Lancaster County grocery store in addition to a manufactured home retail business. In the first situation observed, a married couple, were being presented with sample homes from a manufacture home sales person. Both the salesperson as well as the wife and husband were dressed in a very professional manner, as to show their importance of the matter they were attending to. The couple’s body 's orientation, the way they were facing the salesperson as in their feet, body and face, showed that they were serious about the possibility of purchasing a home from this industry (198). As the couple approached the first sample home the wife’s facial expression displayed excitement while the husband showed apprehension. However, the second home showed promise in both the husband and wife’s eyes, but the salesperson started to show a lack of interest…

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