Non Verbal Communication - Haptics

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It is uncommon for people to look, talk or touch to the person next to them. While it may be so crowded that they 'touch' another person, they will often maintain an expressionless demeanor so not to affect those around them. Friendship/Warmth It is more acceptable for women to touch than men in social or friendship settings, possibly because of the inherent dominance of the person touching over the person being touched. Whitcher and Fisher (1979) conducted a study to see whether therapeutic touch to reduce anxiety differed between the sexes. A nurse was told to touch patients for one minute while the patients looked at a pamphlet during a routine preoperative procedure. Females reacted positively to the touch, whereas males did not. It was surmised that males equated the touch to being treated as inferior or dependent. Touching among family members has been found to affect the behavior of those involved. Various factors are at work within a family setting. As a child grows older, the amount of touching by the parent decreases. Boys distance themselves from their parents at an earlier age than girls. There is more touching with the same sex parent than with cross-sex parents. A study of nonverbal communication on how men 'converse' in bars shows that women like men to touch them, but it is their touching of other men that intrigues them. The men who are touching others are perceived
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