Non Verbal Communication On A Daily Basis

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Jaime Isom Prof. Martin CMST 101 Apr 22, 2015 Non-verbal communication is the process of communicating without words and is the oldest form of communication known to man. The use of non-verbal communication occurs on a daily basis by individuals and its importance to people is tremendous. People may not realize it, but non-verbal communication is used a lot more than actual words are used. For example, me and my friend Danny communicate a lot of times verbally, but when we disagree on something, or if one of us is upset, or when our subordinates does something ridiculous, more than likely we use non-verbal communication such as facial gestures to show our displeasure. As the oldest form of communication to mankind, non-verbal communication is important in the way we communicate towards others and its use will be significant to all mankind. In general, me and my friend Danny didn’t realize that we use non-verbal communication on a daily basis. After reading chapter 6 of the text and doing some additional reading on the topic, I brought the subject up to Danny, and he concurs that people to tend to use non-verbal communication a lot more. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of messages are non-verbal. According to the author Iris Varner in his book titled “Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace”, Varner states that “ some researchers maintain that face to face communication up to 93 percent of an oral message is communicated nonverbally and that the non-verbal
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