Non-Verbal Communication and Inter-Cultural Communication Essay

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Nonverbal communication is defined as the approach of conveying information and data by using speech, visuals, signs , behavior etc. Approximately 65% of the communication takes place through nonverbal attributes. Generally communication takes place with three steps. FIRST Is the thought or idea that comes in the mind of the sender. SECOND is the encoding which means sending message to the receiver in a particular gesture or sign or via a particular medium. THIRD is decoding of message which means gathering information from the encoded message.


NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION is the process of communicating where spoken words are least importantly used between the
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it can also be said that when people from different culture and language share their ideas and thoughts with non verbal gestures it is also intercultural communication. globalization is playing an important role in expanding the role of inetercultural communication. As world has become a small global village it is important to note that intercultural communication is playing a big role everywhere. "intercultural communication happens when ever a message is created by one member of culture for member of other culture , the message is understandable"(Samover and portar ,1991). nowdays it is important to learn how to communicate with people of all language. inter and culture itself defines the communication between people of various cultures. it helps to gather information about people and their ideas.

NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION nonverbal communication mainly depends on the physical appearance of the person. It defines how a person is behaving while performing the communication procedure. Physical appearance of a person defines the how a person is percieved by people. ."Physical attractiviness impacts how people percieve other as similar to themselves and is used to evaluate credibility and general attractiviness"(Hickson 3 and stack,1993). Facial expression is also play important role in non verbal communication." Reseacher have attempted to categorize the facial expression that expresss emotion and typically on the
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