Non Verbal Students With Shoes And Sock On It Went Together

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The SLP then had a memory game for the students to play. This activity was to help the students with finding matches in the deck of cards that were a pair. For example, the student picked up the card with shoes on it. The next card had a sock on it. Then students then had to explain to the SLP why the cards with shoes and sock on it went together. After the group session was over, the SLP went into a different classroom to work with non-verbal students. The non-verbal students had AAC devices that the SLP programed for each of their specific needs. The student that the SLP was working with had Cerebral Palsy. The student had stuff, tight muscle tone, was not able to walk, was unable to speak and had an intellectual impairment. Although the student was unable to speak, his AAC device spoke for him. The student could touch a button on the screen that would tell the SLP how he was feeling or what he needed. During the session with the non-verbal students, the Physical Therapist and the Occupational Therapist had the student in wheel chairs moving in standers to stretch out their muscles and increase circulation. While the students were in standers, the SLP worked with them and their AAC devices. Since the Evolution program is a Collaborative school, students from multiple different towns can attend the school. Most insurance companies pay for the students services. If the students insurance company does not cover their services, the town that the student comes

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