Non-Violence: Merely a Dream Essay

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Non- violence is wanted by many but practiced by few. It is not a feasible option, nor is it an alternative for today’s world at all. The world is not seen as a peaceful place to each unique person because of the many diverse religions, cultures, and beliefs that comprise us. Things seen in one’s eyes may be something totally different in another’s. Quoted by Gandhi himself “One man’s food could be another’s poison,” hence in some religions, terrorism is seen as the acceptable thing to do; yet in others, it may be seen as horrible and horrific (450). Although Gandhi had many great beliefs and theories, the world itself has many of its own too. Violence in today’s world is undoubtedly common, as seen on our very own college campus.…show more content…
The highest most powerful man on earth, Christ, suffered and died on the cross for us. It is easy for us to look up to him and praise him for what he did, but how many people would do the same? How many people would give their neighbor the clothes off their back or the money in their pocket? Our world today is selfish and greedy, therefore, not many would. Gandhi’s quote “It is impossible for those who consider themselves to be weak to apply this force. Only those who realize that there is something in man which is superior to the brute nature in him, and that the latter always yields to it, can effectively be passive resisters” states that it is not easy to be a passive resister (Gandhi 446). In most cases, it will be hard and suffering may be involved, which our society tries to escape. We try to escape suffering whether it is physical or mental, mild or intolerable. People’s attitudes toward suffering take into account how much it is avoidable or unavoidable, useful or useless, and deserved or undeserved. A great example of the escape of suffering would be the African Americans struggle to escape from slavery. These people suffered every day of their lives in an effort to escape their undeserved suffering. Although many people believed in slavery, those who did not rarely made an effort to stop it. Rabindranth Tagore criticizes Gandhi’s teaching by stating that “Passive Resistance is a force which is
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