Non Violent Vs. Violent Criminal

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Non-Violent VS. Violent Criminal Have you ever wonder why prisons are made? It is known that prisons are built to isolate and punish everyone that committed crime in their lives, whether it is in the past or present. However, lately there have been some arguments on whether everybody that committed crime should be put in jail or they should be allowed to stay outside of the prison, but with very strict supervisions. Nowadays, there have been some cases in which criminals are given the freedom to stay in their usual surroundings. The reason is people agree that criminals may have done something bad, but not all of them should be put in jail. There are other ways to punish those who did wrong aside from putting them in quarantine. Although it may seem like a good idea, there are arguments that everyone should be put to jail for a couple of reasons, such as: • They have done something wrong, so they should bear their consequence and be punished in jail. • Citizens are terrified of criminals, may it be non-violent or violent criminals. In their mind, they are still criminals and they are bad. • There is no confirmation that they have changed and will lead new healthy life. People are still scared that they would do anything hazardous at anytime. These are the reason why criminals should be put in jail. There is also a statistics from the state of Florida, stating that 20.7% of all criminals are habitual and 83.8% of the habitual offenders are felony offenders.
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