Non White Musicians And Racial Injustice

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Sameh Iskandar
Non-White Musicians and Racial Injustice Musicians of all genres have spoken up against the racial inequality that is happening in America and throughout the world. These are the voices that have lived and witnessed injustice based solely on their race and skin color. As a result, musicians have deep emotional ties that have affected the lyrics and tones that artists take on in hopes to send a message. This musical revolution is nothing new, it has been around since the beginning of racial oppression as a means of optimism, but now, music can help spread the message of racial oppression. This message is spread in hopes that the views and opinions of society are altered and that future generations learn from mistakes of the past. Today, society is split unevenly between the three main social classes: the wealthy, which make up less than 1% of the population, the middle-class, which makes up the majority of the population, and the ever growing lower-class. Within the lower-class are sub-classes that then again are divided, however, as a whole, “the lower class in the United State refers to individuals who are at, or near, the lower end of the socioeconomic hierarchy.” Consequently, millions of families are forced into the ghettos—where crime and violence plagues the streets. As a result of the deprived standard of living, this has ignited a social war between the social classes (middle-class and lower-class against the wealthy) disturbing the balance and…
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