Non White Musicians And Racial Injustice

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Sameh Iskandar Non-White Musicians and Racial Injustice Musicians of all genres have spoken up against the racial inequality that is happening in America and throughout the world. These are the voices that have lived and witnessed injustice based solely on their race and skin color. As a result, musicians have deep emotional ties that have affected the lyrics and tones that artists take on in hopes to send a message. This musical revolution is nothing new, it has been around since the beginning of racial oppression as a means of optimism, but now, music can help spread the message of racial oppression. This message is spread in hopes that the views and opinions of society are altered and that future generations learn from mistakes of the…show more content…
The lower-class is where a majority of artists began and this is the very inspiration and meaning of their whole career. Some people look up to musicians as a just means of entertainment that does not pertain to the real world, those people are wrong. The function of an artist, whether singing, rapping or any other vocal means, when it pertains to racial inequality, can have multiple dissimilar implications. Some performers use their gift in optimism to change the way society thinks as a whole in hopes of having deep, meaningful, positive impacts. On the other hand, some artist express their anger and frustrations they feel due to the persistent discrimination they must live with every day of their life. All things considered, whether the initial message is intended to be positive or negative, the overall meaning is embedded into the minds of the listeners. The message an artist delivers can be a double-edged sword depending on the artist and the frame of mind that went behind of the making of the song. Many artists can convey a peaceful message when facing society. For example, artist Bob Marley constantly promoted equal coexistence that has been referred to time and time again as to how music can encourage a more accepting society. On the other hand, some artists believe that reaching social stability is with aggressive, physical movements that require backlashing at all oppressors. This destructive state of mind can cause more harm than good,
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