Non-profit Organization and Management Control

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Department Of Management Studies Assignment on Management Control System in Non-Profit Organization Management Control System MBA 3rd Semester


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Dr.B.D.Mishra Akriti Gupta Reader Iti Shrivastava M.B.A.; Ph.D Shikha Sahu Financial Management, Business Policy Shobhna Jha Strategic Management

Service Organization in General 01


Professional Service Organization Financial Service Organization Health care Organization Non-profit Organization Conclusion

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In this Assignment, we describe the management control process in service organizationsorganizations that produce and market intangible services. We first discuss the characteristics
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Restaurant management can examine the food in the kitchen, but customer satisfaction depends to a considerable extent on the way it is served. The quality of education is so difficult to measure that few educational organizations have a formal quality control system. 3. Labor Intensive Manufacturing companies add equipment and automate production lines, thereby replacing labor and reducing costs. Most service companies are labor intensive and cannot do this. Hospitals do add expensive equipment, but mostly to provide better treatment, and this increases costs. A law firm expands by adding partners and new support personnel. 4. Multi- Unit Organizations Some service organizations operate many units in various locations, each unit relatively small. These organizations are fast-food restaurant chains, auto rental companies, gasoline service stations, and many others. Some of the units are owned; others operate under a franchise. The similarity of the separate units provides a common basis for analyzing budgets and evaluating performance not available to the manufacturing company. The information for each unit can be compared with system wide or regional averages, and high performers and low performers can be identified. However, because units differ in the Mix of services provide, in the resources that they use, and in other ways, care must be taken in making such
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