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Hair Length as an Acceptance Factor of a Homosexual Male in College Students
Patrice A. Hammond
Coastal Carolina University

The study was designed to examine the effect that hair length has on the acceptance of a homosexual male. The hypothesis stated that the homosexual male with the short hair would be more accepted than the homosexual male with long hair. Males were hypothesized to be more accepting of the homosexual with short hair; and females were hypothesized to be more accepting overall. Undergraduates (n=52, 35 females and 17 males) participated in this study by completing a questionnaire designed by the researcher to determine how likeable, respectable, and sociable the candidate was. Participants also completed
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Results suggest that achievement, when it violates gender norms, can be disadvantageous for both men and women, but in different ways. There are many situations in today’s society where individuals will face the gender role and sex dispute. Homosexuals are frequently associated within this dispute. A male homosexual often possesses feminine qualities and maybe seen as less masculine than a heterosexual male. Some female homosexuals are seen as more masculine and less relational compared to other heterosexual females. Homosexuality has become a very controversial topic in today’s society. The acceptance of homosexuality has grown since previous decades. What are some of the reasons for the growing acceptance of this lifestyle? Results from previous research done by Vincent, Parrot, and Peterson (2011) provided evidence that aggression towards gay men is motivated by gender role enforcement. Participants in this study completed several assessments before viewing a video of intimate behaviors between 2 gay men. Results concluded that the participants did not think the couples were not in compliance with the anti-femininity norm; causing sexual prejudice and aggression. The results confirm that when analyzing the acceptance of homosexuals there are multiple factors that must be analyzed.
Religion plays a very important role in one’s acceptance and participation. An individual’s upbringing and environment
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