None of This Is Fair

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The topic of “Affirmative Action” policy, placed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965, introduced the program to reduce discriminatory acts towards “underrepresented and minority groups, which required and ensured any applicant are employed—without regards to race, creed, color, or national origin (663).” In Richard Rodriquez article “None of This Is Fair,” published in 2007, he tells his own account of discrimination as a student. Rodriguez attended Stanford, Columbia, and the University of Berkley during the “Affirmative Action” period. Being of Mexican-American heritage, Rodriguez writes in great detail about his struggles, emotionally and mentally, throughout his collegiate years. Rodriguez’ main argument is all individual rights, …show more content…
We tried to explain our current situation and were escorted out as fast as our name was called. No assistance was given at all. However; as we were about to leave, a Hispanic family with one child around the same age as my daughter, walked out with a representative and an interpreter, handing the couple a check, food voucher, and explanations of when they would receive their checks. There we were, a young couple, with an infant, unable to work, and a resident of California, yet we were pushed aside because I made too much money the year before. Who cared about our needs at the time? I could no longer handle this emotionally, by the grace of God, my grandparents helped us out or we would have been homeless. Another example of discrimination I experienced was with my sister. She has four children and was on government assistance, not only for Medi-Cal, but HUD housing, food stamps and was also paid to take care of her clinically diagnosed Schizophrenic husband. Her family had a brand new house, two new cars, and a substantial amount of government income, up until April of this year when her youngest son turned eighteen—a total of twenty-four years! She, nor her husband, ever worked, why should they? Who would work, if they had all there needs met? Discrimination was not thought of at the time, but it did take place that day against us. To not care for a young infant, let alone her parents, because
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